The presenters listed here have already sent their final abstract, title and personal info. We are still waiting for more info of other presenters before they get listed on this page. If you are presenting at AWEC2011 and your info is not displayed here, please contact as soon as possible.

Simon Bolten - TU Munich Simon Bolten – TU Munich

Alexander Bormann - Enerkite Alexander Bormann – Enerkite

Joseph Coleman - U.O. Limerick Joseph Coleman – U.O. Limerick

Aart De Wachter - T.U. Delft Aart De Wachter – T.U. Delft

Moritz Diehl - K.U. Leuven Moritz Diehl – K.U. Leuven

Uwe Fechner - T.U. Delft Uwe Fechner – T.U. Delft

Alain Goubau - Altaeros / MIT Alain Goubau – Altaeros / MIT

Hans Gründel - Assystem GmbH Hans Gründel – Assystem GmbH

Corey Houle - SwissKitePower Corey Houle – SwissKitePower

Patrick J. Lauffs - TU Munich Patrick J. Lauffs – TU Munich

Rolf Luchsinger - EMPA Rolf Luchsinger – EMPA

Guido Lütsch - NTS Guido Lütsch – NTS

Mario Milanese - Kitenergy srl Mario Milanese – Kitenergy srl

David J. Olinger - WPI David J. Olinger – WPI

Carlo Perassi - WOW Carlo Perassi – WOW

Tiago Pardal - Omnidea Tiago Pardal – Omnidea

Damien Reardon - Archangel Energy Damien Reardon – Archangel Energy

Pauli Rautakorpi - Tampere U.O.T Pauli Rautakorpi – Tampere U.O.T

Michael Schölkopf - TU Munich Michael Schölkopf – TU Munich

Dave Santos - KiteLab Dave Santos – KiteLab

Roland Schmehl - T.U. Delft Roland Schmehl – T.U. Delft

Sören Sieberling - Ampyx Power Sören Sieberling – Ampyx Power

Bruce Weddendorf - Sky WindPower Bruce Weddendorf – Sky WindPower

Udo Zillmann - Daidalos Capital Udo Zillmann – Daidalos Capital

All content © Copyright 2017 by Airborne Wind Energy Conference 2011, Leuven, Belgium.

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